What Isn’t Falling Apart? with John Rubino

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

John Rubino is back… Japan’s central bank loses control of interest rates. Is this the future of the US and Europe? Cryptos are stabilizing, but other defaults are looming so the carnage might not be over. Energy markets in turmoil — Germany is rationing gasoline and reactivating old coal plants to offset the lack of Russian gas. Heat waves are disrupting the US south.and midwest.s electric grids and killing homeless people and livestock. Another reason to expect food shortages and higher prices next year. Electricity rates are set to double. Here’s why. Tesla raises prices again and again. Commodity price increases are being passed on to consumers which will have a huge negative effect on politics and the upcoming elections.

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  1. Love John talks sense, the answer is dump all the central banks and the reserve fractional banking, and most of the corrupt western media and governments.

  2. Kerry, as a Public Service & safety Announcement, maybe its time to caution people walking down the sidewalk not to walk too close to all of those big financial company buildings in NY, NJ, etc. over the next several months. Because hey, not all Wall Street bankers, Hedge Fund Managers, and Brokers will scream as they jump from the 50th floor. An innocent person might not get a warning and could get hit! 😀

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