Deleting the Dollar with Andy Schectman

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Regardless of what the Fed does in terms of rates, we are going to face inflation for years to come. To analyze some of the consequences of the intense money supply increase, I chat with Miles Franklin CEO, Andy Shectman. Whether rates are increased or not, we find ourselves at a stalemate—the two possible outcomes being depression and hyperinflation. With the fragility of our currency, it becomes particularly important now to diversify your assets and invest in the precious metals. To learn more about the advantages of the metals—especially in the current circumstances—be sure to tune in to this episode.

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  1. I’ve sought the services of Miles Franklin for several months running. I’m proud to have bought silver at $24.2xx and even more proud of having bought rounds at $21,8xx. The reason is SOON you won’t be able to get any coins. And after that you won’t be able to reach any metals dealers.

  2. The green new deal is a communist agenda set to destroy the petrol dollar, why would our government seek to destroy the vary capital that sustains this country petrol dollars? if the petrol dollar is destroyed the world reserve currency will soon weaken and follow! all part of clowed and piven strategy! Obamas blue print!

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