WHO in Charge?, Nothing is Working, 2,000 Mules Proves Fraud

Weekly News Wrap-Up for Friday, May 13th, 2022

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

The Biden/Obama Administration looks like it will cede U.S. sovereignty over to the UN and World Health Organization (WHO) in the next pandemic. This will allow the Director General of the WHO to declare a health emergency or crisis at his whim. Is the Biden gang this desperate coming into the Mid-Term election in November? Will the WHO step in to rig another election via another plandemic? The Dems look sure to lose a fair election with voters struggling with sky high inflation.

Everywhere you look nothing is working for the Democrat party. Fuel prices are hitting one record high after another. There are shortages in just about everything. The war in Ukraine is not going well, and the sanctions on Russia are backfiring. And yet, the Biden/Obama Administration keeps causing pain, and it looks like it’s being done on purpose. Why? Maybe they don’t have to have a wining election cycle to stay in power. Maybe they have other plans?

The movie 2,000 Mules is out, and it made $1 million in a matter of hours.

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