Scandalized Dallas Fed Keeps it All in “the Family” with Appointment of Lorie Logan as President

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens
Wall Street on Parade

Yesterday, Thomas Falk and Claudia Aguirre, who were co-chairing the Dallas Fed’s Search Committee, announced that they had found the ideal candidate to become the new Dallas Fed President. They said it was a person who would “understand the economic issues and needs of the residents of Texas, northern Louisiana and southern New Mexico,” the areas served by the Dallas Fed.

Given that criteria, one might have suspected that their candidate would have some relationship with Texas or its neighboring states. But no. Falk and Aguirre selected a person who works 1500 miles from the Dallas Fed, Lorie Logan, the head of the trading desks for the New York Fed, the only one of the 12 regional Fed banks to have trading desks (one in New York near the New York Stock Exchange and one in Chicago near the futures exchange). Logan’s official title at the New York Fed is System Open Market Account Manager and Executive Vice President. According to the statement released by the Dallas Fed, she will assume her duties as President on August 22.

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