Aurcana Silver: From 10-Bagger to Huge Disappointment… Bill Powers Shares Analysis & Lessons Learned

from Mining Stock Education

In this episode, Bill Powers shares his analysis and lessons learned from investing in Aurcana Silver from January 2020 until now.  Last week Bill sold his final Aurcana shares for about C$.18/share. Bill initially invested via a private placement in early 2020 at C$.22/share with a full C$.375 three-year warrant.  At one point in early 2021 Bill was up almost 10x on his Aurcana investment (when considering the in-the-money value of the warrants in addition to the equity).  After exiting the stock last week Bill’s net gain on Aurcana was about 200%. Aurcana was a show sponsor from January 2020 until September 2021.

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