Inflation, Invasion, and Crime – Oh, My!

by J.B. Shurk
American Thinker

Inflation, invasion, and crime — oh, my! The next few months and years don’t look particularly appealing. As central bank money-printing and unsustainable U.S. government spending combine with the world’s nascent decoupling from the dollar as the global reserve currency to reveal just how worthless greenbacks are when not linked to real commodities such as gold, it is becoming undeniable that tough economic times lie ahead. Let’s go, Brandon!

The Biden-Obama Gang has decided to respond to this unfolding crisis by spending more money on interest group welfare and crony capitalist pork-barrel projects, drilling for far less energy here at home, and becoming more dependent on the energy production of our enemies, including those we’re already none too subtly engaging in open warfare. Not surprisingly, these moves will only usher in greater inflation and dollar debasement.

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