This is Exactly How the U.S. Got Into WWI

by Karl Denninger

Folks, read this carefully: The crews loading this aircraft may well have, at least this time, prevented a wider war.

In the past few hours it emerged that a flight containing crates of weapons, ammunition and explosives should have departed from the Cargo Village located at the civil airport of Pisa , in contrast with the very purpose of the trip, given its humanitarian nature. In fact, the flight was supposed to provide food, medicines, and other useful products to the Ukrainian population, in difficulty due to the fighting in recent weeks.

How soon we forget; we just have to wait until all the fools who did it the last time are dead, and forget what we learned.

During WWI, before the United States was involved, a ship called The Lusitania was allegedly full of both passengers and, in the cargo hold, humanitarian and other “ordinary” supplies. There were supposed to be no munitions aboard. Germany had claimed we were in fact shipping munitions on that and other ships, and warned that if they were seen they were subject to being sunk as legitimate military targets. In fact they made this very public with advertisements taken out in the United States.

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