Russia Claims the “Right” to Use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine

by Mac Slavo

Senior Russian politician Dmitry Medvedev says Moscow’s nuclear doctrine does not require an enemy state to use such weapons first. That means Russian says it has the “right” to nuke Ukraine at any time.

The rhetoric is increasing from all sides, including those claiming to be “neutral” that nuclear war is now an option.

EMP? Cyber Attack? Nuclear War? What Should We Be Prepping For?

The Kremlin again raised the specter of the use of nuclear weapons in the war with Ukraine as Russian forces struggled to hold a key city in the south of the country. Dmitry Medvedev, a former Russian president who is deputy chairman of the country’s security council, said Moscow could strike against an enemy that only used conventional weapons while Vladimir Putin’s defense minister claimed nuclear “readiness” was a priority.

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