Man! I Swim as a Woman.

by Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.
American Thinker

Shania Twain once had a hit song called “Man! I feel like a woman,” recorded in 1997, which was a celebration of womanhood.

Twenty-five years later, women athletes are singing a different tune, one of dismay over competing against biological men.

What was once “girl power” is now simply horsepower, the benefits of male puberty and testosterone. In the song, it is, “Men’s shirts, short skirts”, but now it’s women’s swimsuits, long hair, and first-place finishes.

I am referring to Lia Thomas, winner of the NCAA collegiate women’s swim championship 500-yard freestyle event last week. But Lia wasn’t always Lia and was born and grew up as a guy.

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