Ketanji Brown Jackson is a Trojan Horse

by Anony Mee
American Thinker

For crying out loud, it’s 2022 and, in the federal government women are still being promoted based on their looks rather than their qualifications for the job. And by POTUS no less! Well, Biden is just a derivative iteration of Harvey Weinstein.

Around twenty years ago, he twice participated in filibustering (Black, female) Judge Janice Rogers Brown’s nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals. She finally was approved in 2005. Then, Biden advised President Bush that if he dared to nominate Brown to the Supreme Court, he would filibuster her again and prevail. At the same time, Democrats also filibustered a Hispanic male judge, two other female judges, and a male judge of Lebanese descent, among others. How very diverse, inclusive, and equitatious of them.

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