Gold Mid-Tiers’ Q4’21 Fundamentals

by Adam Hamilton
Zeal LLC

The mid-tier and junior gold miners in their sector’s sweet spot for upside potential have powered higher in recent months. Amplifying gold’s young upleg, they have already surged to major breakouts. And the smaller gold miners’ gains are likely to grow much larger. Their recently-reported Q4’21 earnings season revealed ongoing strong fundamentals. Those along with inflation-driven higher gold prices will fuel big buying.

With Q1’22 already winding down, looking at the prior quarter’s operational and financial reports seems dated. But because most companies run on calendar years, the Q4 reporting deadlines are extended. In the US companies don’t have to report full-year 10-K results until 60 days after quarter-ends, compared to 40 days for 10-Q quarterlies. In Canada, the epicenter of the gold-mining universe, year-ends extend to 90 days!

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