Germany Must Ration Gas After Refusing to Pay in Rubles

by Mac Slavo

In response to sanctions, Moscow has doubled down on its demands that its “hostile” European “partners” pay for its oil and gas in rubles instead of euros (which, as the bloc already demonstrated, can be easily confiscated in the name of “sanctions”). Germany has to resort to rationing fuel after refusing.

The German government is digging in its heels as the payment dispute threatens to precipitate problematic energy shortages in Europe’s largest economy. According to a report by the Financial Times. German Energy Minister Robert Habeck has activated the “early warning phase” of Germany’s gas emergency law, which was adopted to help ration supplies in the face of a severe shortage.

It is going to take President Joe Biden and the United States will years to reroute their promised LNG exports (and even so, they will likely never be able to fully compensate for Russian supplies). This means Germany will need to ration gasoline if they continue to refuse to pay for Russian gas in rubles. Russia gave other options as well, however:

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