Food, Famine, Fear: Beware the Great Agricultural Reset

by John Klar
American Thinker

Americans awakening to the Orwellian Rule of Joe Biden and his crew of thieves have noticed that the perpetual lying is designed to inculcate pliancy through fear. When the COVID-19 hysteria began to wane, Big Brother Biden switched gears to the Ukraine crisis. Intriguingly, both crises have been caused by the government Biden heads — COVID-19 was crafted in Wuhan, and the Obama administration set the scene for making Ukraine America’s pawn in the current conflict. Conning Americans with one fear-lie to eclipse the previous, the biggest lie is yet to come. It is called Build Back Better, and it will unleash a greater terror than any virus or war: nationwide famine.

This dire warning is constructed not on fantasy, but on fact. As many watchful Americans have noticed during COVID-19, the nation’s grocery stores are not guaranteed to be chock-full forever. The threats to Americans’ industrial food supplies are numerous and growing, compounded exponentially by escalating inflation. And whether Biden blames food scarcity on COVID-19, Putin, or Donald Trump, the grumbling bellies of children will be indifferent.

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