Extreme Stupidity and the Death of the Petro Dollar with John Rubino

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

John Rubino returns to the program… Did the Petro Dollar just die? Will the Fed raise rates 6 times this year? (Target is 2.8% by end of 2023. Is this serious or pathetic?) Was Bix Weir right? Are we heading into a recession already? How big a deal is $110 oil? Will food prices keep rising? (See: Severe Drought And “Dust Bowl Conditions” Threaten To Create A Disastrous Winter Wheat Harvest In The U.S.) Do rising long-term interest rates constitute monetary tightening? Will global supply chains ever go back to pre-covid normal? What’s the next crisis? Cyberattack?

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  1. The US dollars has been around for a while, and is unlikey to die overnight,
    but more likely go the way of a thousand cuts, bleeding to death,
    while a different world order can arise, based on a multi polar order

  2. Getting the Big Picture WW3 started when Wuhan released the COVID19 virus October 2019. China owns the Federal Reserve and all this nonsense is to keep us Serfs busy and stressed. (URL:http://fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/government/banking_and_taxation_irs_and_insurance/news.php?q=1399477315) A control feature and social chaos. The CCP (Communist Chinese Party) now owns the Federal Government, controls all media, and the economy. Most all news is theatrics to shape your thinking into the narrative to cause mental stress. Republican or Democrat confrontations are just theatrics which does not matter as they are all slaves to their masters. Takeover is imminent and when Biden term is over, it will be obvious that China is in charge and calling the shots. Your vote is irrelevant and if you protest too much and you will be marginalized. By 2030 all cash will disappear as everyone will have a credit card with a new currency. The new currency will be the Chinese Renminbi? The Chinese Renminbi will become the global reserve currency and will replace the U.S. Dollar. Americans will have bank accounts in Renminbi and will use that currency for all commerce? The remaining Americans will be made Slaves and millions of Chinese will occupy homes and own almost all the businesses in what was America. A major culling of the Western World population? To date, we have largely been conquered by stealth. Maybe 5 years from now America will be like Venezuela is today. All working splendidly according to plan!

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