1. Before everyone panics, keep in mind that Nenner has always been wrong. Don’t even know how the guy has subscribers.

  2. Never spent a single $ on these trading advises. Simply be contrarian, follow the flow and be patent. Back in 80s my stock broker told stories when due to live ticker displays being available at his brokerage they made trading desks available for these day traders. Every one of them eventually went broke.

  3. Another Cassandra trying to sell subscriptions. Do your own research and follow a system that works for you. These guys have you in the market at the wrong times and are always too late. A guy that’s worth mentioning is Greg Mannarino that is spot on and Bob Kendall too.

  4. I avoid stocks, too chicken, plus I don’t like having my money represented as computerized digits on a screen.
    Gold is up 685% since 2000, plus I know it’ll be there for local barter if markets crash, EMP’s hit or nuke war breaks out – not too far fetched these days, or if the government freezes my bank accounts if I say the wrong thing here…

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