Taper Tantrum Becoming a Market Meltdown with John Rubino

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

John Rubino is back. Highlights/central questions:

– Russia/Ukraine coming to a head.
– What kind of sanctions will the US impose?
– What will that do to the price of oil?
– What will $100 oil do to the economy and stock market?
– 1970s parallels keep multiplying
– Mainstream reporter is shocked by Freedom in Florida
– Beverly Hills residents flocking to city’s only gun store

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  1. Love John, speaks sense and the truth.
    In the uk we have no guns, we rely on our corrupt government, Russia is a distraction, it fact Russia could destroy America, and, your big boys no this.
    The covid is all about money, follow the money?
    The vaxx, is very good for you if you do not mind having a gene therapy spike protein in your body, one of your sportsman put it pretty apt, he said, if you can’t debate science, its F propaganda?

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