Five Reasons Resource Stocks Will Head Higher in 2022 with Rick Rule

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Are we approaching a crisis? Is it Fed induced or cyclical? Furthermore, can it be stopped? I have Rick Rule on the show to discuss the current economic situation, and it looks as if we are approaching a circumstance that will be difficult to comprehend and adjust to. We are facing various shortages around the world displayed by commodity trends, and which are only going to continue to intensify. Tune in for more.

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  1. I am based in the U.K. .My problem with all these experts is they are interviewed regularly promising a Bull market in gold is imminent.
    Yet People like Jim Sinclair Peter Schiff have been consistently wrong over many many years .When ever they are interviewed they are never challenged as to why they have been wrong/for so long.

    It does not inspire any confidence when the interview just allows them to talk their book.

    • SOHAIL:
      Point well taken. I have followed the PM markets for years and have learned who the perma-bulls are. Like broken clocks, they will be correct sometimes, just not enough. Yet, they still get air time and print space, often without challenge, as you say. The individual investor must be open to the contra positions to avoid confirmation bias.

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