$1900 Gold Later This Month with Eric Hadik

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

The markets are off to a rocky start this year—where are they headed? I sit down and chat with Eric Hadik to discuss some of the primary indicators of the markets, and trends that have alluded to the current circumstances. The market is following short and intermediate cycles, and the tax commodities index has also been key in analyzing inflation. Tune in to hear some of Hadik’s unique insights on the economy, and what’s to come in 2022.

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  1. When we can stop these criminals from rigging the market, what a corrupt bunch they are?
    Kerry watch this video on newtube or bitchute.
    Vaccine crime investigation moving forward uk, it’s a 11 minute video, its the way it should be done, you have too much corruption, spread it if you can, good video, looking forward to listening to Gerald C tomorrow.

  2. Hey Kerry, love to get Dan Wilton with First Mining Gold on yer show. The Pickle Crow project just released some awful attractive drill results. Like to know how Dan and Keith Neumeyer can leverage these results into the First Mining and Auteco Minerals stock valuation. I don’t wanna kick the bucket before getting a little payoff after all these years of holding First Mining stock.

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