The Build Back Better Bill Will Give You $12,000 for Buying an Electric Car. Unless It’s a Tesla.

Only vehicles made in unionized U.S. factories qualify for the full amount.

by Joe Lancaster

On Friday, the House of Representatives passed the Build Back Better Act, President Joe Biden’s signature legislation. Despite being much smaller than it was when initially proposed, the bill is still stuffed with Democratic wish list items, including policies on climate change, child care, family leave, and immigration. The bill is expected to face opposition, and likely some pruning, when it reaches the Senate. One proposal jumps out as an obvious contender for the chopping block.

As part of Biden’s plan to rein in carbon emissions, the bill contains a provision which would provide a $7,500 tax rebate to any consumer who purchases an electric vehicle (EV), including both all-electric and plug-in hybrids. However, that amount increases by $4,500 if the car was manufactured in a unionized U.S. factory, as well as by an additional $500 if the vehicle contains a U.S.-made battery.

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