Covid Propaganda Roundup: The Psychological War’s Mental Health Casualties

by Ben Bartee
The Daily Bell

[…] In a recent lucid dream I had, tourists (me among them), were laid out under the hot sun in some mountain retreat where you might expect to find a monastery.

A bearded, robed man — the obvious spiritual leader — walked among his subjects upon the grass, who each held cellphones above their heads.

The bearded shaman methodically rotted off their limbs one by one with a magic wand while his victims livestreamed their peers’ dismemberments, and then their own, on social media.

“This is insanity,” I pleaded with them. In reply, they looked with vacant black holes where they eyes should have been, scoffed and sneered, and continued to broadcast their own mutilation in celebration – as if I were the crazy one.

Am I?

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