Caution: Wow, Look at What Just Collapsed!

from King World News

Wow, look at what just collapsed!

$1.44 Trillion QE Program

November 24 (King World News) – Peter Boockvar: Before I get to the data (and sorry it’s a bit late), the fed funds futures response to the always dovish SF Fed president Mary Daly, but who does not vote in 2022, and who expressed the possibility of supporting a quicker taper depending on the data is now pricing in a 66% of a rate hike in May vs 54% yesterday. By year end 2022, the market is fully pricing in 2 rate hikes and a 60% chance of a 3rd. I say, let’s see if they can get thru ending a $1.44 Trillion QE program first without accident before debating rate hikes.

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