California Crushing Suburban American Dream by Eliminating Single Family Homes, Enriching Multi-Unit Developers

by Penny Starr

A pillar of the American Dream is under assault across the country, but nowhere is it more pronounced than in California where social justice activists and Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom are invading single-family home neighborhoods with plans to replace them with multi-unit properties.

A brochure for a San Diego neighborhood in the 1950s highlighted why families flocked to the suburbs: “More luxury at lower cost,” “private and protected,” “beauty and convenience.”

Add to that safety from urban crime, and Americans embraced this part of the Dream by the millions.

“It was a California fantasy,” the New York Times said of Clairemont Villas. “Over six colorful pages the brochure sold buyers on an indoor-outdoor lifestyle where the living room opened to a yard and children played behind a redwood fence.”

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