Biden Admin Admits They’re Partly Responsible for Supply Chain Chaos

by Anders Hagstrom

President Joe Biden’s administration admitted in a Tuesday press call that its policies are at least partially to blame for the chaos currently overtaking U.S. supply chains, according to the New York Times.

The Biden administration has worked frantically in recent weeks to stave off mounting backlogs in U.S. supply chains. The White House warned Tuesday that American consumers should expect higher prices and even some empty shelves come Christmastime. Biden came to an agreement with the Port of Los Angeles, Walmart, FedEx and other major companies to expand hours of operation to relieve stress on supply lines.

While the administration has taken numerous actions to combat the supply chain chaos, it did admit some level of complicity during a press call. Senior administration officials told reporters that the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan likely contributed to the supply chain tension thanks to its increasing demand for goods, the NYT reported. The officials went on to argue that the rescue plan nevertheless boosted the U.S. economic recovery beyond that of other nations.

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