Public Bureaucracies’ Deceptions About COVID

by Anthony J. Ciani
American Thinker

As recently reported by Project Veritas, if vaccines are dangerous, then HHS will not record it. If vaccines are dangerous, then OSHA will tell employers not to record it. In this way, OSHA, FDA, HHS, and the CDC can claim that vaccines are safe and effective because there is no data to the contrary. But if vaccines are not truly dangerous, then why engage in this deception?

As attributed to Goebbels, “truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” What better way to make certain the truth never emerges than to never record it?

Pfizer’s Phase II/III vaccine trial and six-month follow-up suggest that their vaccine will kill 3 people through cardiac side effects to save 1 life from COVID (over 6 months). Although their data clearly indicates this, and although 1 of 3 COVID deaths was in the vaccine group, the study authors conclude that their vaccine is safe and prevents death from COVID.

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