How to Become a Full-Time Investor or Trader | Roundtable with Brian Leni, Michael Queller & Alan Rizer

from Mining Stock Education

In this roundtable discussion three full-time, self-supporting investors/traders share their paths to independence and success. Listen to Brian Leni of who left his engineering career behind in 2016 after he took 2/3 of his home’s equity and tripled it via junior mining stocks. Hear from Alan Rizer, a trader/investor based out of Puerto Rico, who after years of working for a trading firm launched out on his own in 2018 and has been successfully investing and trading on his own since then. Learn from Michael Queller, a trader based out of Miami, who went full-time as a self-directed trader in 2018 after working for a trading firm since 2004. All three gentlemen share their stories which are seasoned with sage advice and pertinent warnings to aspiring full-time investors or traders.

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