Gold Under Attack with Martin Armstrong

[Ed. Note: Unreal… This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines. These people are insane. MP3 link still works.]

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Today, Martin Armstrong and I talk government and crypto—in the face of the national debt, the US is depending on the cheapening of dollars to pay back debt that has grown exponentially in the last decade. Additionally, we face other probing questions in looking at Europe’s 2030 agenda. Ending democracy and implementing shared power between nations would have many interesting implications, and we dive into some of these. We discuss IMF and the push to create a universal digital currency, which would be above all laws and change cryptocurrency as we know it. Tune in to listen as we implore possibilities in crypto for the coming years, and the interplay between debt, governing strategy, and digital currency.

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  1. Is this the same Martin Armstrong that said the common stock mkt would have a 50% crash by April ’21? He also said that if the Crash did not happen by June’21, he would get entirely out of the advisement business and never be heard from again. Why then are we talking to him?

    • You got the wrong guy, Pete… Martin Armstrong has been on the record for years, calling for higher highs in stocks… He’s said the dow will double again, to over 60k in the coming years.

      I think you’re thinking of Harry Dent.

    • He did not say that,,he has been saying the dow will reach 40,000 before any inflection point, according to his computer program called Socrates. He has stated this for well over three years.

      You are referring to Harry Dent . . . he’s been yelling crash for years (many years) and gold to $700.

      • Harry Dent looks at demographics and tries to match stock market performance to the population graphs. Where he was blindsided is the massive creation of money by governments, which has not gone into consumer inflation, but has gone into asset price inflation instead.

    • You might want to go back a few years. He has been wrong for a very long time but he always moves the goal posts.

    • Martin Armstrong (his model) has made some very good calls, but also some very bad ones. And that’s fine. No one is perfect. The problem I have with him is he claims his model is infallible and never wrong. As one example, he called for a post-bubble peak in real estate in 2015 and then a decline in to 2032 (Google Martin Armstrong real estate cycle). Another example is his call on COVID, he said it was going to peak and pass by May-June of 2020. He was calling for sub $1,000 gold years ago right before it made it’s run to new highs. Those are just a few examples.

    • Martin Armstrong goes back to: Black-Scholes-Merton (BSM)
      He loves computer run investment models.
      Smart, unconventional economics analyst, historian.
      Fun to listen.

  2. Always good stuff Kerry! Well my Fiancee and I both caught Covid & got over it but here in San Antonio they are still pushing the Vax and trying to put in “Mask Mandates” here in San Antonio. on a more ominous note, they are pushing the Private Sector to do the governments dirty work of forcing the Vaxx as a condition of employment. We have kids that are now under pressure for this. Not a good time.

  3. The current Peak Stupidity madness will only be ended by The Second American Civil War, after which there will be no Reunification as there was post-1865. There will be a “reconstruction” but it will be done by the Balkanised remnants of the United States as groupes of states with common economic interests form regional alliances. @Lee : Texas will be its own country again, just as from 1836 to 1845.

    • Actually, as I’ve just learned from George Gammon it’ll be the third civil war as the so-called Revolutionary War was referred to many at the time as a civil war .


  5. Dave, It’s different for everyone depending on where you are both physically and economically. It’s not a one answer fits all. If you read Armstrongs blog (it’s free) he has for years been guiding us on how to prepare. 1. Be debt free 2. Be physically fit. 3 Buy land if you can far away from the cities. 4. Learn to grow your own food. Keep cash, guns, ammo etc.. Have your investments in the DOW and tangible investments, commodities etc… Pray, love, forgive, be kind, etc…

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