FDA Accidentally Reveals List of Covid Vaccine Side Effects (Myocarditis, Autoimmune Disease & Death)

An FDA slideshow presentation regarding Covid vaccines last year accidentally displayed a long list of possible adverse reactions to the vaccine, including myocarditis, seizures and even death.

[Ed. Note: Nothing to see on slide 16. Quickly, quickly, move it from slide 15 to slide 17… I’m reading from slide 17. Do NOT show them slide 16!]

by Adan Salazar
Humans Are Free

The slide, showing the FDA’s draft list of “possible adverse event outcomes,” appeared briefly during a public meeting by the US Food and Drug Administration’s Product Advisory Committee on Oct, 22, 2020 reviewing the safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines.

side effects accidentally shown at FDA presentation 2020 appeared for split second at 2:33:40 of original timing of FDA presentation Oct 22nd. During that split sec, screen showed adverse effects of which FDA knew about in Oct 2020, even before they allowed it. pic.twitter.com/y85PaD4tsR

— Gawjus_G (@gawjus_g) July 28, 2021

The slide is headlined, “FDA Safety Surveillance of COVID-19 Vaccines: DRAFT Working list of possible adverse event outcomes ***Subject to change***.”

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