The NSA Has Proven Itself to Be the Resurrection of the Nazi Gestapo, Only Worse

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

It Was OK for Fox News Journalist Megan Kelly to Interview Putin, but if Tucker Carlson Interviews Putin it Means Tucker is a Putin Agent.

NSA committed a felony by leaking Tucker Carlson’s emails to presstitutes hostile to Tucker in an effort to demonize him and “drive him off the air.” The emails were simply about arranging an interview with Putin, but the story being concocted was like the one used against Trump and General Flynn. The plan was to accuse Carlson of being a Russian agent attempting to boost Putin’s standing by interviewing him on Fox News. Carlson broke the story before the NSA’s presstitute shills could, thus deep-sixing the plan to drive him off the air.

Carlson shouldn’t relax, because now the NSA nazis will come after him in a different and more dangerous way.

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