The Lies Continue: Sydney Australia’s Strict Lockdown is Not Stopping the Spread of the “Delta Variant”

by Mac Slavo

Despite the fact that Sydney Australia locked down all of its residents once again to stop the spread of the “delta variant” of COVID-19, many are still getting it. The question we should all be asking is if lockdowns worked, wouldn’t they be free of COVID in all of its forms?

Exactly where are these people getting the “delta variant” from if the enforcement class is patrolling the streets and making sure everyone is staying in their homes? The scamdemic has no end in sight, and people in Australia either need to wake up and stand up or be locked in as their permanent enslavement takes hold.

According to a report by Forbes, Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales (NSW), reported a record 112 new locally acquired Covid-19 cases on Monday, most of them in and around its capital Sydney.

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