Protection (Part 2)

by Bob Rinear
The International Forecaster

So, this weekend we mentioned some of the ills facing us and they’re aplenty for sure. We know they’re coming at us with Central bank digital currency. We know the BIS, IMF, and regional central banks are all in on it and can’t wait.

We know Klaus Schwab and his band of misfit billionaires have their own plans for what the future looks like and it’s damn dystopian in my view. We know that socialism is invading all corners of our nation, from schools, to Government.

We know that cancel culture has gotten so in your face, that even far left liberal crazies have now said it’s gone too far. We’ve got BLM hotspots around the country, we’ve got a senile old man in the White house, and we’ve got inflation reaching “hyper” status.

CPI: “The index for used cars and trucks rose sharply for the third consecutive month, increasing 10.5 percent in June. This was the largest monthly increase ever reported for the used cars and trucks index, which was first published in January 1953”

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