Police in Riot Van Visit Home of 12-Year-Old Girl to Check She’s ‘Self-Isolating’

This will continue beyond so-called ‘freedom day’.

by Paul Joseph Watson
Summit News

Police in Manchester arrived at a 12-year-old girl’s home in a riot van to check that she was ‘self-isolating’, an action that led the girl to fear she was about to be arrested.

“Officers visited the home of Kathryn Crook in Middleton, Greater Manchester, to check that Charlotte, 12, was adhering to Covid guidance after catching the virus,” reports the Daily Mail.

“Ms Crook, 45, says her daughter was terrified by the experience, alleging the behaviour of Rochdale Public Health Officers and Greater Manchester Police was “inappropriate and heavy-handed.”

Police first visited the home on July 11th and instead of talking to the girl’s parents, demanded to talk to the 12-year-old, shouting through the door as the kid cowered behind her mother.

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