Our Endless Dinner with Robin DiAngelo

Suburban America’s self-proclaimed racial oracle returns with a monumentally oblivious sequel to “White Fragility”

by Matt Taibbi
Hate Inc.

“The ideology of individualism is dependent on a denial of the past as relevant to the present… Individualism denies the significance of race.” — Robin DiAngelo

“Individualism is for f*gs.” — Richard Spencer

Nice Racism, the booklike product just released by the “Vanilla Ice of Antiracism,” Robin DiAngelo, begins with an anecdote from the author’s past. She’s in college, gone out to a dinner party with her partner, where she discovers the other couple is, gasp, black. “I was excited and felt an immediate need to let them know I was not racist,” she explains, adding: “I proceeded to spend the evening telling them how racist my family was. I shared every racist joke, story, and comment I could remember my family ever making…”

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