‘Let Them Die,’ Top PTA, NAACP Official Says in Tirade About Anti-Critical Race Theory Parents

by Luke Rosiak
Daily Wire

As parents concerned about politicization and standards-lowering in schools gathered in Fairfax County, Virginia, a top PTA and NAACP official led a counter-protest in which she ended a tirade about parents who oppose critical race theory with the exhortation, “Let them die!”

Michelle Leete is both Vice President of Training at the Virginia state PTA and Vice President of Communications for the Fairfax County PTA. Fairfax has nearly 1.2 million residents. She is also First Vice President of the Fairfax County NAACP.

The counter-protesters listening to Leete’s speech on Thursday burst into cheers and applause at the line, according to video by education activist Asra Nomani.

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