Hey! Fauci! Leave Them Kids Alone!

by Brian C. Joondeph
American Thinker

English rock band Pink Floyd released an album in 1979 entitled The Wall which explored abandonment and isolation, symbolized by a wall. Forty years later, these themes resonate with many in our post COVID world.

The Chinese coronavirus, and more so, the response by governments, the media, and the medical establishment, have isolated so many people from normal commerce and social activities of life. We were told to stay home, sheltering in place. Then Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief architect of the wall, told us, after first telling us that masks were unnecessary, to wear one, then two masks, hiding our faces and emotions from friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers.

Congregating in churches and other family events like weddings, funerals, and graduations was forbidden, and in some countries like Canada, still is. The hubbub of a busy restaurant was replaced by a handful of tables spaced so far apart that there might have been walls between tables.

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