Gold: Déjà Vu and Next Price Target is $2,200

from King World News

According to a man who is connected in China at the highest levels, the gold market is looking at déjà vu and the next price target is $2,200.

The Dollar is Not Forever

July 15 (King World News) – John Ing: To navigate this landscape, other central bankers have noticed, diversifying their reserves from dollars to hedge their bets against the slipping greenback, which recently hit a 4-month low on concerns that the Fed is monetizing their fiscal expansion. While it can be argued that money has no “intrinsic” value since the United States scrapped the gold standard system in 1971, the dollar is backed by the “full faith” of the government. However, with the mishandling of the pandemic, mistrust of big government, disparity in incomes and trade wars, faith in that government is lacking. History shows that this always ends badly.

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