by Karl Denninger

Oh man, what a terrible thing…

A New Mexico state senator said he was denied receiving Holy Communion at his Catholic church due to his support for a pro-abortion bill.

“I was denied communion last night by the Catholic bishop here in Las Cruces and based on my political office. My new parish priest has indicated he will do the same after the last was run off. Please pray for church authorities as Catholicism transitions under Pope Francis,” Las Cruces state Sen. Joe Cervantes tweeted on Saturday.

Hint to the peanut gallery: You don’t make the rules for a religious organization, nor its sacraments.

The rules just are. You either subscribe to them or not. Said rules may include strictures on your conduct, both public and private.

You do not have to agree but no matter who you are you have no right, no authority and no capacity to mandate that a given religious path follow your expectations and demands.

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