Accept the Gold & Silver Volatility Because This Has the Look of the January 2016 Bottom, Plus Another Surprise

from King World News

Accept the gold and silver volatility because it has the look of the January 2016 bottom.

Accept The Gold & Silver Volatility

July 19 (King World News) – Graddhy out of Sweden: Macro has been bullish for precious metals since Nixon took USD off the gold standard back in the 70´s. And just increased since then. But, big picture macro and very short term price action are two very different things. Charts are really the only real edge we have in the markets today.

It is reasonable to expect precious metals (pm) to be a bit volatile as pm is the counter weight for the whole global monetary system. And the present global monetary system is failing (this one too), so accept the volatility as it is very much expected. And it will increase…

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