When Will the Mass Murder by Public Health Authorities and Health Care Providers Cease?

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Here is the website for all 305 studies of the effectiveness of HCQ in Covid threament. If used early, HCQ is very effective in curing Covid and reducing mortality rates. Except for the Westernized parts of the world, HCQ is used: c19study.com

Here is the website for all 96 studies of Ivermectin for Covid treatment. Ivermectin is even more effective, especially in late treatment of Covid: https://c19ivermectin.com

Despite the overwhelming evidence of two safe and effective cures for Covid, Big Pharma, public health bureaucrats such as Dr. Fauci, medical associations, hospital and corporate medical care organizatons, and the prestitutes have worked together to deny effective and safe treatment to Covid patients. Indeed, it is a fact that almost every Covid death is due to the denial of treatment by effective cures.

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