The Pandemic That Keeps On Giving

by Rick Fuentes
American Thinker

With very rare exceptions now on display in the Senate, congressional Democrats are a mass movement worthy of a few aphorisms from the late, great Eric Hoffer. Wholly disinclined to individualism, their tendency to cohesion is blatantly undemocratic, whether when voting en masse and on cue or looking the other way when it comes to street violence, criticism of China, goodwill to Israel, and any slur to race or religion coming from within their ranks. Republicans, on the other hand, seem a bit discombobulated, preferring to take potshots at themselves and reluctant to build unanimity against the careless governing, blatant hypocrisy, and double standards of their opponents. As a result, the body politic that harbors the socialist Left, progressive, or insurgent bloc has matured as a powerful covenant in ways antithetical to the loose allegiances of the Grand Old Party.

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