Stock Market Officially a Bad Joke: AMC Warns Buyers of its New Shares: Don’t Buy “Unless You Are Prepared” to Lose “All or Substantial Portion of Your Investment”

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

A joke where everyone is making fun of everyone in grand & crazy pump-and-dump schemes. But I can’t blame AMC. I blame the Fed.

AMC Entertainment Holdings – whose shares became the incredibly spiking #1 the-zoo-has-gone-nuts meme stock in recent days, multiplying by a factor of 6 in seven trading days, before plunging today – announced in an SEC filing early this morning that would try to sell 11.55 million shares to retail investors, with B. Riley Securities and Citigroup Global Markets as sales agents.

Let the cold-calling begin. AMC will pay the sales agents “up to 2.5% of gross sales” in commissions plus reimburse them for certain expenses. The share sales will be conducted whenever, in bits and pieces, via this “at-the-market” offering.

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