Sentiment Speaks: I ‘Believe’ We Rally Into a June Swoon

by Avi Gilburt

It is now approaching almost a decade since I began writing public articles outlining my analysis in various markets. And, I have learned a lot about the general investor community based upon many of the comments I have received during that time.

One of the things that I find quite pervasive is the drive for “common-think.” But, even that is a misleading classification. You see, I do not believe investors think anymore.

Rather, I see investors often grab onto something they read or hear in the media, and take personal “ownership” over that idea because it resonates with them for whatever reason. It then becomes the basis for their entire view of the market, and they seek articles which provide confirmation to their bias, and argue with articles that do not. So, rather than seeking out the truth in the market and continually testing their perspective in an objective fashion, most investors simply adopt a personal opinion and ignore or attack anything that disagrees with that opinion. Therefore, truth and profit in investing no longer seem to be the ultimate goal.

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