Ransomware: Cut the Head Off the Snake

by Karl Denninger

Here we are again with JBS this time….

“It’s time for the United States to start putting heads on spikes when it comes to confronting and dismantling ransomware groups,” Kitchen said.

“If President Biden does not confront Vladimir Putin about the ransomware groups perpetrating from within Russia, he will be failing in his duty to protect the United States from these types of attacks,” he added.

Again, meh.

Oh sure, it’s all Putin’s fault. Well, no.

When have we put heads on spikes when it comes to the flow of fentanyl precursors out of China, for example? That would be never, and why? Because Nike, Apple and myriad other firms are all over there. I think it’s fair to assume that Putin’s government itself is unlikely to be involved in such things, but there are criminal gangs everywhere, including here. Why haven’t we, for example, put Mexico’s government heads on spikes over their criminal drug gangs that are all over the United States? How about the “refugees” coming from places that are full of MS-13 and similar?

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