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But as time went on and I got older and maybe wiser by a brain cell or two, I started to see silver in a whole different light.

by Bob Rinear
The International Forecaster

When people ask me just “what the hell is it with your fascination about silver?” I simply chuckle. Any of you who have been readers for any length of time, you know that yes, I’ve mentioned owning physical silver for going on 14 years now. But, maybe not just for the reason you think.

I’ll fess up. I was a jeweler for a number of years and got to play with most of the precious metals. Gold, silver, platinum, Rhodium, etc. But by far, my favorite was gold. The luster, the patina, the weight, the malleability, the corrosion resistance, just made it absolutely gorgeous.

When you’re a manufacturing jeweler, or a bench jeweler doing repair work, gold is so fun to work on. It’s just a joy all around. Platinum was “okay” but certainly not as easy to work with and while it’s simply my own opinion, the shine of platinum, just looks too …“metallic” for my tastes, not the soft, warm glow of say 22KT gold.

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