Massive US$140M Budget to Develop an Emerging Copper District with Trilogy Metals’ CEO Tony Giardini

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Trilogy Metals’ (Ticker:TMQ) CEO Tony Giardini provides an update on the company’s progress and how the company is advancing in 2021.  Exploration and development of the Ambler mining district in Alaska is the Trilogy’s focus via its 50/50 JV with its partner South32.  Tony stated, “As far as the district potential as a whole, we’ve only really begun to scratch the surface”…“we’re in a really good position right now because we haven’t been in this position, where we’ve been cashed up, where we have $140 million to focus on the district. And that’s what we’re really looking to do. It’s how do we create value for our shareholders? And I mean, all of our shareholders, South32 included, in terms of finding more in the district. And we think there’s lots of satellite deposits. And we also think there’s lots of opportunities at Bornite. So that’s what’s really exciting right now. And we think it’s going to be a fabulous drill season this year.”

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0:00 Introduction
1:14 Copper projects must be developable
3:15 Necessary components to advance copper projects
4:42 South32’s stated relationship with TMQ
7:07 Exploration plans
11:14 Cobalt met work advancement?
12:04 Bornite deposit and exploration potential
13:17 Arctic project current NPV US$2.6B after-tax
16:43 TMQ share price performance commentary
18:57 Alaska & TMQ partnerships