Klobuchar on 1/6 Riot: ‘This Was Like the Super Bowl of Domestic Terrorism’

by Pam Key

Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” described the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill “like the Super Bowl of domestic terrorism.”

Discussing a newly released U.S. Senate bipartisan report on January 6, Klobuchar said, “We have outlined what is common knowledge in our report about President Trump’s speech, about encouraging them to march down from the mall and the like. One reason I believe we need a 9/11 type commission and investigation is we felt our jurisdiction and goal was clear. We wanted to get immediate recommendations to help with funding, to help with getting bills passed, and make changes in the police department and the like. But the whole side of it about the rise of white supremacy and what needs to be done. I believe this report is not a substitute for that, but something we needed to do immediately.”

She continued, “We must keep pushing them. It is not over yet, right? The need for this report will go on for many, many years.

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