Introduction to the Persian Edition of Murray Rothbard’s, “What Has Government Done to Our Money?”

by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Murray Rothbard would have been delighted by the publication of a Persian translation of What Has Government Done to Our Money? Economic truth isn’t confined to the speakers of one language. It is timelessly true. Wherever and whenever money exists, the laws of money apply. These laws will make or break a country’s economy, so it is essential for the educated public in Iran to be aware of them.

What are these laws? The free market position that Mises and his greatest successor Murray Rothbard laid out regards money as a good like any other, one whose creation and management should be handled by the market economy. There should be no policy at all. That’s the free market answer.

Most economists are happy to have the market for shoes, watches, and computers managed by the market, but they draw the line on money. They believe that in this sector, we need socialist-style money management.

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