Idiocracy, They Live and the Rockefeller/Gates Plan to Cancel Culture

by Jeff Berwick
Dollar Vigilante

I could start this blog with “Don’t listen to morons, ever.”

That would basically be the same as starting this blog with “They’re dumbing down the kids and no one’s noticing because they’re so busy being social justice warriors.”

Especially the kids in question.

Generation Z is said to be the strongest generation America has ever seen. (If you don’t mentally see the meme of the old white guys laughing, you’d better watch today’s video).

They, like their goddess, Greta Thunberg, are supposed to be the rest of our saving grace with their superiority and arrogance and courage. They tackle issues like “climate change” and “white privilege” and “masculine toxicity” and fight for gender neutrality and critical race theory and cancel culture.

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