Global Debt Rises $32 Trillion in 2020 Amid Covid Pandemic: Moody’s

The recovery in global economy from Covid pandemic’s aftermath will be staggered with the US leading the recovery, Moody’s said

by Puneet Wadhwa
Business Standard

The Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath has pushed the global debt higher by $32 trillion in 2020 to $290.6 trillion led by government and non-financial corporate debt, and will continue to rise in 2021, said a latest release by Moody’s Investor Service (Moody’s). Persistent decline in productivity growth, it believes, poses medium-term challenges to debt sustainability with Africa and the Caribbean being the two most vulnerable regions in the emerging markets (EMs).

“Despite an uptick in defaults, policy support prevented a debt crisis in emerging markets, but the pandemic and its aftermath will challenge their debt-servicing capacity. Advanced economies have more fiscal space but will face productivity and demographic challenges,” Moody’s said.

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