American Marxists, Take Your Fictitious Systemic Racism and White Privilege and Shove It

by Steve McCann
American Thinker

Over the past fifty years, the Marxist-inspired American Left has been hellbent on trying to convince the citizenry that the United States is and always has been a malevolent nation due to “systemic racism” and “white privilege.” According to their agitprop, the European branch of the Caucasian race (or more contemptuously, “Whites”) has, since the dawn of recorded history, been the principal promoters and beneficiaries of slavery and repression throughout the world. Those members of this villainous race who settled in this country over the past 400 years are responsible for imposing never-ending racism and inequity on the American continent.

Therefore, the current white population must openly confess their collective guilt and seek forgiveness. Additionally, and in light of this demonic legacy, every American of any race should be mortified to be a citizen of such vile irredeemable country and its historic roots in Judeo-Christian dogma.

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