22,000 People Gather for Maskless Florida Concert as Fauci Fraud Exposed

DeSantis makes appearance, says other states need to choose “Freedom over Faucism.”

[Ed. Note: In the coming week, the Montreal Canadiens are going to meet the Tampa Bay Lightning in the NHL playoffs. Fans will get to experience watching 2 games played in a city with a sold-out, completely unmasked crowd, followed by 2 more games played in front of approximately 500 double-vaccinated, mask-wearing, socially-distanced, front-line healthcare workers. Let’s keep pretending that this isn’t all theater.]

by Kit Daniels
Info Wars

While establishment pundits are pushing for a “forever” lockdown, at least 22,000 people gathered for a concert in Florida that didn’t require masks, social distancing or temperature checks.

One of the attendees was Florida’s very own Gov. DeSantis, who was greeted with thunderous applause at the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam that happened over the weekend but, strangely, received little attention from the media which should be likewise applauding this restoration of normalcy.

[…] In fact, it received such little attention that it took days for independent media to take notice.

“DeSantis made a surprise appearance to the concert last night to welcome country music fans to Panama City Beach and thank them for attending what is believed to be the first major live music festival event since Covid,” reported The Capitalist. “…During DeSantis’ brief remarks he encouraged other states and countries to follow Florida’s lead and open back up and ‘let people live their lives.’”

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